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First Judicial Circuit of Florida

Ginger Bowden Madden, State Attorney

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Serving Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton Counties

Possession of Alcohol by a Person Under the Age of 21

Frequently Asked Questions - After review you may register for a DPA

Q. Where do you send the money?
A. You will need to make any payments to the Clerk of Court, for the appropriate county you were charged in. Both County Clerks accept mail in payments (money order/cashier’s check) and online payments. Note: Juveniles (under 18) cannot pay online. In Okaloosa County juveniles can only mail in payments. In Walton County juveniles can mail in payments or pay over the phone.
Okaloosa County Clerk of Court
Walton County Clerk of Court

Q. Will this be on my record?
A. Yes it will. Although we may drop the charges after completion of a DPA, it will still be on record.

Q. Can it be removed from my record?
A. Yes, it can. After the DPA is completed (3 months), you may download and submit an application for expungement from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).
Florida Dept of Law Enforcement

Q. Some common comments from parents: My son/daughter was not drunk. They weren’t even asked to do a breathalyzer. They were only holding the beer for a friend.
A. As described on the previous page, we cannot offer any legal advice. This site offers a DPA for the charge of Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, and a simple way to avoid any court appearances. Any unresolved questions or concerns should be discussed with private legal counsel, and you should not click on the link below.

Q. Can you remove my mugshot? Can you remove my child's picture from the Internet?
A. Our office does not post any photographs on any website. Any concerns regarding posted mugshots can be addressed to legal counsel or the web site's operator.

Q. Should I hire an attorney or is this something I can do on my own?
A. That is up to you - again, we cannot advise you other than to tell you to read these two web pages very carefully before clicking the below link.

Q. I have a court dated listed on my arrest form or on my citation. Do I have to come to court?
A. The Office of the State Attorney does not have the authority to release you or advise you on your court appearances.
If you have completed your entire DPA paperwork and accepted the contract, we recommend you contact the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court
the day before your court date to see if you are still on the docket.
The Okaloosa County Clerk of Court can be contacted at 850-651-7200 or

Q. I live out of state and I am not going to be able to come back for court.
A. If you do not request and receive a DPA, then the court date is mandatory regardless of where you live.

Q. Once I fill out the expungement application from FDLE, what do I do next?
A. Once you complete the expungement application, you will need to mail it to our office. Please provide a self-addressed envelope with postage. Once we complete Section B of the expungement application, we will mail it back to you. Then you will need to follow the directions that FDLE provides you.

Q. How long will it take to have this removed from my record?
A. All expungement questions need to be directed to FDLE.

Q. Do I need to get fingerprinted?
A. Yes, FDLE requires fingerprints.

Q. Where can I get a certified copy of the No Prosecution once that has been done?
A. Certified copies of all court documents are available from the Clerk of Court in the county where the offence occured.

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